How to Unlock Bootloader on Any Android Phone?

The Android ecosystem does look incomplete unless you unleash the true power. It’s not possible to push system limits until you are willing to take steps to unlock bootloader on any Android phone. In this post, you will get complete information on how to open the doorway of the system settings.

You will obtain a complete tutorial with step-by-step instructions without any further ado. But before starting the tedious procedure, let’s get to the basics.

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader is a small program that works whenever a device starts; it loads operating system data into the primary memory. Through this, the bootloader takes initial tests and transfers control to the firmware, and boots up the device in a few moments.

Do you remember when your smartphone boots up from a restart or turn-on? It takes time since the booting processing works behind the scenes and checking system details to give a green flag to start the OS kernel. This whole process is known as booting.

Note: In technical terms, it is also known as the bootstrap loader, which is usually referred for the computer device. But that term is shortened to bootloader, so the readers don’t need to be confused.

Why do people unlock the bootloader?

Generally, the bootloader is, by-default, locked via the manufacturer. So even if you want to, you can’t flash new image files or create system partitions. We all know that flashing various custom ROMs usually requires the bare minimum access of the bootloader.

With that, it’s practically impossible to gain deep Android ecosystem access. In most cases, many people tried and sabotaged their phones since they didn’t know the standard method to perform those software changes. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about those things anymore.

Let’s head toward the next section to get things into action!

How to Unlock Bootloader on Any Android Phone?

There’s no denying that the smartphone model has a different way of unlocking the bootloader. But if you are looking for a standalone method, the next part is a gold mine for every user. With that said, let’s begin!

Here’s a small checklist that needed to confirm before diving into the guide!

  • Enable the developer settings and allow OEM unlock feature.
  • A USB cable will be needed to connect the device to PC. 
  • Download and install ADB and Fastboot Tools to execute commands.
  • Ensure that you have completed the data backup process. 
  • The phone needs to have sufficient battery life.

Now, let’s move toward unlocking the bootloader on any Android phone process. 

Warning: I’m assuming that you have already backed up the phone’s data, as the subsequent process will completely erase data. 

  • Open Settings > About Phone > Software info > Build Number.
  • Click Build Number more than ten times to access the Developer menu. 
  • Allow OEM unlock and USB debugging settings from the developer mode. 
  • Install necessary ADB and Fastboot tools on your PC or laptop. 
  • Now, connect the smartphone to USB cable and other ends to the computer. 
  • Open the command prompt by typing “cmd” in the search section.
  • To check your phone is connected properly, enter the command “adb devices
  • To verify that the bootloader is working on your device, use the command “adb reboot bootloader
  • Enter the command “fastboot oem unlock” to complete the process. 
  • Wait until the bootloader unlocking process ends, and then restart the phone with the command “fastboot reboot

What are the advantages of unlocking bootloader?

When you enable the bootloader configuration, you will obtain the superpower to enhance the system software by installing various custom attributes. So, let’s have a look at those advantages.

  • Flashing custom recovery will be possible for the users. With this, installing ROMs, backup, and restoring data will be easy.
  • You can modify the stock firmware with the assistance of the custom ROMs. Plus, they will provide numerous add-ons that are unreachable in regular OS.
  • Enable users to gain access to the root directory and permit changing the system files using magisk zip.
  • You can test out different firmware by removing the carrier restrictions and even try out the new Android version.
  • Removing bloatware and adding the latest software interface would be possible.

What are the disadvantages of unlocking bootloader?

The bootloader works as a defense fortress to remove any underlying threats in the system, and there are some potential downsides to unlocking it.

  • According to the terms and conditions, the product warranty will be void.
  • The device will be exposed to outside attacks and serious threats.
  • System-conflicting software won’t work properly and cause instability issues.
  • Flashing incompatible firmware or the wrong unlock bootloader process could brick the phone.
  • Some Custom ROMs or firmware can freeze the functionality of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Is unlocking the bootloader safe?

We always say unlocking the bootloader is not beneficial for everyone as it makes the firmware vulnerable. It won’t be recommended to be unlocked if you desire to secure your phone’s data and want a full warranty on your device.

Q- Does bootloader unlocking process erase data?

Yes, those system changes can wipe data from the storage memory. Therefore, we suggest you take a backup before unlocking the bootloader.

Q- Can I unlock the bootloader without OEM unlock?

The manufacturer locks the bootloader configuration to reduce accidental damage from harmful threats. But if you really want to unlock those system settings, it’s necessary to enable the OEM (Orginal Equipment Manufacturer) featured in the developer menu of Android devices.

Q- Can the bootloader be locked again?

Depending on the smartphone model, the locking process of the bootloader can be easy or difficult. All you need to do is lock the OEM. That’s it!

Q- How to unlock the bootloader without a PC?

Usually, most of the bootloader unlocking process requires a computer or laptop to run commands, except Samsung. But the PC can be replaced by a smartphone. In that, you have to install the command prompt app. Then, follow the same method to open those settings.

Last Thoughts:

You can get advanced personalize features using this guide and unlock bootloader on any Android phone. But, conclude after understanding the good, bad, and ugly factors. Proceed with caution and unlock the bootloader at your own risk!

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