Download Samfw FRP Tool 4.7.1 (Latest Version) FRP Remove

Do you encounter a Factory reset error on your Samsung device? Yes, then download SamFw FRP tool to efficiently solve this problem and reboot your phone like you used to before. In this post, we have covered complete information about the SamFw tool.

You can easily get this tool if you know all of the instructions to use the SamFw. Just tap on the download button from the following section to obtain this tool.

If you are in search of a perfect solution to bypass the factory reset protection on your Samsung phone, you will need the SamFw tool. It’s a pretty decent toolkit that allows users to overcome this problem and provide exceptional tech expertise.

We generally use our phones to unlock the system settings and use root access. But we also face problems like bootloop and FRP errors. Those problems can be solved if you know about the correct software and method to enter into the user interface.

What is Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

The Android device comes with additional support and features that make the user’s life easier. Besides this, Google also introduces advanced security features for usual Android smartphone users. One of them would be the FRP protocol.

This protocol is built for protecting your smartphone when you reset the phone. At the same time, it gives additional protection layering in case your device is lost. Yet, there are many people that lock their devices without even knowing their ID and password of the Gmail account.

Most of these problems occur to non-technic users as they may not know the Google account credential. However, we created this post so that even a non-techie guy can easily solve the factory reset protection problem pretty efficiently.

What is SamFw FRP Tool?

The SamFw FRP tool is a complete solution if you want to recover your device from the factory reset protection. In general, this protocol activates when the users wipe internal storage data. This tool is developed by Tungtata with great effort.

The software is designed for removing the FRP programs and bypasses the access for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone based on the older generation to the latest Android interface. Apart from the classic bypass features, you will get one click ADB Enable and Odin flashing tool access.

Eventually, the developer introduce several other features for smartphones like Xiaomi, LG, Android, and Snapdragon chipset phones. You can smoothly access those settings in the meantime. But at the same time, the tool is generally utilized for the Samsung devices FRP lock.

Besides this, you will obtain more features specifically for Samsung phones, including a simple FRP Remove process to flash custom ROM using the Odin tool attributes. It’s a one-stop solution if you want to unlock the bootloader or root your handset.

Why should you use SamFw FRP Tool?

In order to remove the factory reset protection, you will need this third-party software. Here are some additional reasons why should you choose this option in the first place.

  • It’s free to use, no need to spend money.
  • Trusted by the techie community.
  • Offers concise process to remove FRP.
  • Bug-free and easy-to-understand interface.
  • The best solution to unlock FRP for Samsung devices.

Download the SamFw FRP Tool’s Latest Version

It’s not a big deal if you don’t want to use the newest version. You can choose an older version according to your desire. We generally prefer the latest version of this tool as it comes will a bug-free UI and grants new features.

On top of that, the updated version always brings various new add-ons that actually allow users to gain root access, flash custom ROM, and many more interesting things, which will unfold when you download SamFw FRP Tool.

Note: If you detect a problem in the FRP download file, let us know in the comment section, and we replace the file ASAP.

Advanced Features

This tool is designed to run one click ADB command and offers an easier FRP unlock option for Samsung phones. It is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are tons of other exciting features offered by the developer. So, let’s check out those cool perks.

Test Mode

Here, you will obtain the basic features to remove FRP lock for a new security patch, factory reset your phone, terminate Knox security attributes, and remove the factory mode precisely. If you want to bypass the FRP lock, simply choose the first option to easily overcome the factory reset problem and start using the phone.

MTP Mode

This section covered the factory reset features, while at the same time, it delivers the option to even enable a Secret code for Verizon telecom service. Although, you won’t be using these features in most of the cases.

ADB Mode

If you want to change CSC codes or remove your Samsung account, this part will help you to do so in a hassle-free manner. Though, that modification can only happen with a rooted Samsung phone.

Odin Flash

This software includes the Odin flash tool functionality, so you can even flash custom ROMs on your Samsung phone without much hassle. Moreover, you can even create a magisk patched file using the magisk zip and attain rooting privileges.

Misc (Settings)

In this part, you will find the resources you need to start the one click ADB command or unlock your phone FRP protocol. Simply check drivers, if you don’t have a Samsung USB driver, you can directly install it from here. More important tools from this section.

How to Download and Install SamFw FRP Tool?

You don’t need to know rocket science to install SamFw software on your PC. Follow the subsequent method to easily download and extract the FRP tool.

  • Choose latest SamFw Tool from the above list and download it.
  • Access the download folder and extract the tool zip file.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • Now, select the step.exe file from the newly extracted folder.
  • Tap on the Install button and pick the install location.
Install button
  • Now, wait till the software is installed on the PC.
  • That it! You have successfully installed the SamFw FRP Tool.

Step-by-Step Tutorial How to use?

If you want to access your mobile phone like you used to, make sure to follow the next part correctly. Here, you will receive the full guide for the FRP bypass tool. Before you head toward the instructions to use the SamFw tool, finish the requirements.

Pre-Requirements For Unlocking FRP:

  • The users will need a computer and USB cable to link smartphones.
  • Install the latest version of the Samsung USB driver on the computer.
  • Get the latest version of the Visual C++ 2015 setup and install it.
  • Make sure that the Samsung phone is refueled by more than 80%.

Step 1: Disable Windows Defender or Anti-virus

The SamFw tool is a third-party development that might not operate on your computer if the Windows security layering is active. You have to turn off the Windows Defender before starting the process. Let’s see the instructions to disable this feature.

  • Navigate to the Search Bar from the home screen.
  • Type “Window Security” and click on the Open button.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • In the new dialog box, select “Virus & threat protection”.
Samfw FRP Tool
  • Virus & threat protection settings >> Manage Settings.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • Turn off the Real-time protection toggle from the list.

With this, you have reached one step closer to unlocking your phone’s FRP lock. Now, without wasting time, let’s move toward the subsequent area.

Step 2: Set Up the SamFw tool

I’m assuming that you have already installed the necessary Samsung driver and C++ 2015 on your PC. It’s quite helpful for connecting your phone to the computer using the original USB cable.

  • Open the SamFw Tool from the desktop shortcut.
  • Link the device to the computer through the USB cable.
  • Click on Settings and select “Check driver signature enforcement status”.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • The app will ask you to restart your PC, press the Reboot option.

Note: In the older version of the SamFw Tools, you will find the signature enforcement status in the “Misc” section. So don’t be confused!

After rebooting the computer, access the SamFw again and go to Settings >> Enable driver signature enforcement status. At the same time, make sure to don’t remove your phone from the USB cable.

Step 3: Use the Phone dialer combination

  • Inside the SamFw FRP tool, you have to click on “Test Mode”.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • On the phone screen, click on the “Emergency call” key.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • Type #0# security code from the dialer application.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • Select any “Remove FRP” button from the given list.
SamFw FRP Tool
  • Accept the USB debugging option if it appears on the screen,
  • Reboot the device again to delete the factory reset protection.

Remember Important Note

If your Samsung device is launched around last year, you have to choose the “Remove FRP (Security from August 2022 to December 2022)”. On the other hand, you can go with the first option from test mode and safely remove the FRP lock for old-generation Samsung smartphones.

That’s it! Now, you can remove factory reset protection from Samsung phones. Now, you can effortlessly use this software.

Following this, see the list of frequently asked questions regarding this Samsung FRP unlocks tool that we generally hear from our readers. It will help you to understand the workings of this software in a pretty skillful way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Is SamFw Tool safe?

Yes, the SamFw FRP Tool is quite safe to use and at the same time, you won’t face any problem using the additional options that will allow customizing some of the system setting if you have rooted your Samsung phone before!

Q- How to update SamFw Tool?

The official developer Tungtata releases updates to SamFw FRP software on a regular basis to ensure a bug-free user experience and stable bypass procedure. Furthermore, download recent version of this software to test out additional powerful features.

Q- What’s the best free FRP tool for Samsung?

If you want conveniently bypass the FRP lock on your Samsung smartphones, the best option would be the SamFw Tool which will grant robust configuration so that you can easily remove the factory reset protection lock over your phone without any problem. Moreover, it’s a superb choice for regular Samsung devices.

Q- Why SamFw Tool is not working?

Generally, the SamFw Tool won’t function on your PC if the users enabled the virus protection software or using windows defender. In both cases, disabling the security layering for a few minutes is required to use this tool on the computer or laptop.

Q- How to remove Factory reset protection on Samsung phones?

It’s possible to remove the FRP from the Samsung phones, you can simply download the SamFw FRP tool and extract it. Connect the device to the PC and enter into the emergency call section and press #0# in the dialer to efficiently remove the factory reset using the test mode.

Q- Is bypassing Samsung FRP possible?

Yes, anybody can bypass the Samsung FRP configuration if they know the correct method to install the SamFw Tool which will grant a superpower to remove the standard factory reset.

Last Thoughts:

With this post, I hope you understand the whole process of downloading the SamFw FRP Tool and its inside out. There are a vast of things you can perform through this software. But, if you have some more queries, do let us know in the comment section.

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