How to Root Samsung J7 Prime Using Magisk [Updated]

Do you want to push the basic limits of your smartphone? You will need to acquire the complete guide to root Samsung J7 Prime, which eventually assists users to get those robust performance experiences.

Although, the process of unlocking those smartphone settings will revolve around the simple process to attain the root library access. Regular users won’t require to access this setting at first since everything necessary is already available. But, if you want to push the restrictions away, you should try the following method.

How to Root Samsung J7 Prime Using Magisk

There are different methods to unlock root privileges in a hassle-free manner. On the same note, there are many people that will struggle to receive those superpowers as rooting a Samsung phone could be a hectic task, especially the J-series phone.

However, you don’t have to worry about anything since we are covering the easiest method to receive those amazing attributes in a pretty skillful way. We are using the Magisk rooting technique so that you can unroot your device anytime.

Warning: The upcoming process will involve unlocking system settings that trigger the KNOX protection. So think twice before you dive into the subsequent part. Follow the upcoming instruction at your risk.

Thus, let’s get started with the primary requisite so that we dive into the process.

Requirements to Root Samsung J7 Prime

  • First of all, you need to make sure to take data backup.
  • Next thing, a PC and USB cable will be needed for the proceeds.
  • Remove Google accounts from the phone to repel the FRP issue.
  • Ensure that the computer has the latest Samsung USB drivers.
  • Access the bootloader settings to avoid any problems.
  • Install Odin Flash Tool and get Magisk on the phone.
  • Lastly, refuel the phone with more than 70% battery.

Step 1: Unlock the bootloader

It’s always been a thumb rule for Android phones to open the bootloader before you start the usual rooting process. If you are a newbie in this field, you need to ensure to perform the correct steps.

Hopefully, it’s a good thing that Samsung phone has an easier procedure to enable the bootloader configuration. Simply, put the phone in the download mode using the USB cable and access those settings using the power and Volume keys.

But Galaxy J7 Prime is a slightly older generation phone and the above process won’t work for this phone. So we recommend you read our post on how to unlock bootloader on any Android phone.

Step 2: Get the firmware file

Getting the accurate firmware file is a necessary task of this process. In order to gain those resources, you need to know your Samsung J7 Prime’s “Model Number,” which can be seen in Settings>> About Phone >> Model Number.

Once you have done that, you can move to the next part. Go to any third-party site like SamFw or SAM Mobile to receive the correct version. Aside from this, you can also use the Firja Tool to download those files, except, you will need to know additional regional code.

We prefer using third-party sites as it conveniently provides the stock firmware file. Yet, it’s not mandatory to use the same source, you can choose alternative sites or tools as your wish. Now, let’s dive into the procedure.

  • Go to the firmware section of the SamFw.
  • Type the model number of your phone and select the country.
  • Get firmware based on the currently running Android version on your phone.

Step 3: Extract the AP file

Following this, you have to enter the stock firmware using the 7-zip tool. Now, dive into the folder and right-click on the AP. Select the 7-zip >> Add to Archive.

  • Next, you need to change Archive Format.
  • Replace the .lz4 format with the .tar format.
  • Finally, transfer the AP file to your phone.

Note: It would be a good decision to download magisk software next.

Step 4: Create a Patched File

We are assuming that you have already downloaded the magisk file from the above section. If not, get it without wasting your time. On the same note, this software won’t install on your phone if you don’t enable the bootloader.

Make sure to complete step 1 to avoid any problems. Now, install the magisk on your smartphone and follow the given instruction.

  • Inside the app, you have to click on the Install button of Magisk.
  • It will open a new screen, tap on the “select patch file” option.
  • Now, navigate to the AP file location and select the file.
  • Once the process ends, transfer this newly patched file to PC.

Step 5: Access the Download Mode

  • Long Press the Power button to Shutdown the phone.
  • Now, press the Volume Down + Power + Home button combo.
  • It will help the users to access the download mode.
  • A warning sign appears on the screen, then press Volume Up.
  • Now, connect your phone to your PC through the USB cable.

Step 6: Utilize the Odin Flashing Tool

Before you are getting started with the upcoming instruction, we suggest the readers download the latest Samsung USB drivers on your computer so that they can easily perform the next steps. Apart from this, download and install the Odin setup.

  • Launch the Odin Flashing Tool on the PC.
  • Click on the AP section and select patched file.
  • Now, tap on the Options and disable Auto-Restart.
  • Finally, click on Start to begin the patching process.

With this, the rooting files will be extracted on your phone. But the process doesn’t end here. You have to factory reset your device, so let’s head toward the next part.

Step 7: Remove Phone Data

  • Press the Volume Up + Power + Home button combination.
  • With this, you will access the recovery mode of this phone.
  • Select the wipe data/factory reset using the Volume and Power keys.
  • Once the procedure is complete, set up your device.

Note: If you are factory resetting your phone, there’s a chance the phone will face FRP lock. So make sure to remember your Gamil cardinal to login into your phone. If not, you will need Samfw FRP Tool to unlock the FRP Lock.

Step 8: Confirm Root Via Magisk

After all of these steps, you will attain those remarkable privileges. Now, download the Magisk software on your device once again and check root access. Ensure that the Magisk is showing an “Installed” sign inside the app.

Last Thoughts:

In the end, we hope you have successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime using the step-by-step instructions from the above section. With those additional features, you can modify everything inside the phone. Meanwhile, let us know, if you have any doubts, in the comment section.

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