How to Root Samsung Galaxy S20 Using Magisk [Updated]

Root Samsung Galaxy S20 to unlock the latest Android ecosystem features and get lots of exciting things that will help the users to modify the interface as their desire.

In this guide, we will cover everything necessary to unleash those privileges for your smartphone. We all know that Samsung is a mainstream brand, which has strict policies regarding rooting. However, nobody can stop you to cross those hindrances and reach those remarkable perks.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S20 Using Magisk

Warning: The subsequent process will erase the phone’s data, and trigger KNOX security. Therefore, the users will lose all of the warranty privileges, while also losing access to Samsung Pay and other ecosystem apps. It’s a 100% irreversible process, so follow the given steps at your risk.

If you have rooted a Samsung phone before, you may not face as much trouble as the first time reader. But for our newbie, we recommend following primary requirements before you dive into the guide.

Instructions to Get Started!

  • A windows PC and USC Type C cable will be needed.
  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers on the computer.
  • Take a complete backup of your phone’s multimedia data.
  • Ensure to refuel the phone up to 90% for a better experience.

Step 1: Enable Developer Settings

You have to enable the developer mode settings to initialize the rooting process. Usually, you will find those options in the settings app. Here’s how you will do so!

  • First of all, you have to open the Settings App.
  • Go to About Phone > Tap on Build Number (9-times)
  • Open the Settings menu > Developer options > Allow OEM Unlocking toggle
  • A new pop-up screen will appear, click on “Enable” to confirm.

Step 2: Unlock the bootloader

Not to forget, the users have to unlock the bootloader configuration so that they can follow up on the upcoming process without any problem. Every smartphone appears with a different boot image loader, and the unlocking process is different. If you are unaware of how to unlock a Samsung phone’s bootloader settings, we suggest the reader follow our dedicated guide.

Note: Without unlocking the bootloader configuration, you can’t access amazing root privileges. So make sure to follow this step before getting started.

Step 3: Download Stock Firmware File

In the process of rooting Galaxy S20 lineup phones, you will need to patch AP firmware files if you are using the Magisk method. The first thing you are required to perform would be to get the stock firmware package that contains your current software build number.

You can check the phone’s build number from the About Phone settings. But getting the firmware package is a more important task. Alongside this, there are online database resources from which the users can download stock images (firmware).

SamFrew or Samloader are big names in this field, but we would recommend using the Frija tool as it conveniently finds the stock ROM files.

Note: Stock firmware file needs to be saved on your computer.

  • Go to Settings menu > About Phone > Write down Model Number
  • Find the CSC code by downloading the Phone Info SAM app
  • Download and install the Frija tool on your computer.
  • Enter the model number and CSC code in the Frija Tool.
  • Click on the “Check Update” to get the appropriate firmware.
  • Now, press the “Download” button to receive stock ROM.

Wait till the firmware is downloading on the computers. Once that happened, you dive into the next steps.

Step 4: Extract AP files and transfer to Phone

In the following section, we have covered the simple process to extract the firmware file on the computer. Here, the readers have to extract the AP file.

  • I’m assuming that you have already downloaded the firmware.
  • Navigate to the firmware package location and right-click on it.
  • Select “Extract All” from the list, and finally click on Extract.
  • All of the content will be extracted in a few minutes, so wait till then.

Inside the extracted folder, you will find individual firmware binary files in different formats. For example, AP, BL, CP, CSC, and HOME_CSC. You only require AP files to Root Samsung Galaxy S20. But don’t delete the rest of the files as you will need them in the upcoming part.

Step 5: Patch the AP file using Magisk App

Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable and transfer the AP files to internal storage. Remove the plug and install the latest Magisk version. Complete the installation process, and head toward the process.

  • Access the Magisk application.
  • Click on the Setting button to access the additional functionality.
  • Tap on the Update Channel from the list.
  • Select Beta and then go back to the list.

Note: It’s necessary to follow the above steps if you are using an Android 11 update Galaxy S20 smartphone. Worry not, all of the beta channels are stable, use them to start the rooting process.

  • Open the Magisk and click on the “Install” present on the home screen.
  • Now, you have to pick “Select and Patch a File” from the given list.
  • This will open the file manager, and go to the AP file location.
  • Select the AP firmware file and press “Let’s Go” to start patching.
  • Once the procedure ends, the AP file will be converted into a patched file.
  • Save the magisk patched file to your computer.

With that, you have progressed 70% of the whole process. Now, let’s finish the rest of the part.

Step 6: Download and Set up Odin Flash Tool

To flash the magisk patched file, the users need to download and install Odin tool. Get the latest version of this tool and install the package on the computer. Now, let’s start with the process.

  • You have to start by downloading the Odin3 setup.
  • Go to the download folder and click on the Odin3.exe file.
  • Start the installation process and complete it with “Ok”.
  • Now, open the Odin Flash Tool on your computer.

Step 7: Put the phone into Download Mode

Now, you have to put the Samsung Galaxy S20 into the Download Mode.

  • Power off your phone first.
  • Press the Volume Up + Volume Down key to enter Download mode.
  • Connect the device to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 8: Flash Patched AP file using Odin

The Odin Flash Tool will atomically recognize your phone in download mode, and the device will be displayed on the left corner of the tool interface. Now that everything is ready to unfold, let’s flash the patched AP file and Root Samsung Galaxy S20 process.

If you remember, we have extracted stock firmware. Here, those remaining BL, CP, and CSC files will be used in the Odin tool. Follow the instructions to correctly load those firmware binaries.

  • Tap on ‘BL’ to select BL firmware files.
  • Add Magisk patched AP firmware file in the ‘AP’ section.
  • Next, click on the ‘CP’ section and add the CP firmware files.
  • Lastly, press the ‘CSC’ button and insert CSC firmware files.

Note: Don’t use the HOME_CSC firmware file to avoid any problems during the rooting process. Besides this, don’t just add patched AP files to the root phone, use additional CP, CSC, and BL firmware files.

  • Once you have loaded the necessary firmware files, select “Option”
  • Here, uncheck the “Auto Reboot” by removing the tick mark.
  • Finally, press the “Start” button to begin the flashing process.

It will take a few minutes to boot the entire system and apply changes in the root directories. After a few moments, the flashing process will end, and the Odin tool will show “Pass” on the home screen.

Step 9: Finish the Magisk App Setup

We would recommend you install the Magisk app once again after you have rebooted the phone. Here’s the process that you need to perform.

  • I’m assuming that you have already installed the Magisk app.
  • Open the Magisk App, and it will ask for “Require Additional Setup”.
  • Click on “OK” to complete the Magisk setup process.
  • Wait till the magic is happening behind the scenes.
  • Finally, you have successfully rooted Samsung Galaxy S20!

Last Thoughts:

First of all, you have to verify root access by launching the Magisk App. If Magisk has an Installed label, then you don’t have to worry. Moreover, you can also click on Check SafetyNet to confirm whether your rooted phone passes the SafetyNet test.

Meanwhile, I hope you have root Samsung Galaxy S20 properly with this guide. In case you have some queries, you can ask us anytime in the subsequent section.

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