How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50 Using Magisk [Updated]

Are you in search of a complete process to root Samsung Galaxy A50 with no issue? You will need a proper guide that will provide those amazing attributes to your device in the easiest ways.

There’s no doubt that Samsung smartphones are leading when it comes to unlocking the bootloader settings, while it’s comparatively easier to gain root access if you know the correct tools and software.

In this following post, we have covered step-by-step instructions so that it becomes possible to achieve those robust and remarkable privileges. With that said, let’s dive into the instruction guide!

Root Samsung Galaxy A50 using Magisk

Generally, the procedure of rooting any Android phone involves a bootloader, custom recovery, flashable root files, and many more. But when it comes to Galaxy phones, you will need additional flash tools to obtain system access. We already tailored the guide for Galaxay A50 so that you don’t have to worry.

Warning: With this process, you are modifying the system files which leads to loss of warranty and erasing media data. You may face issue such as bootloop or brick phones. Therefore, follow the instructions at your own risk since the process is not reversible in most cases.

But before you get started with the flashing guide, we would recommend finishing the pre-requirements to root Samsung Galaxy A50.

Installation Manual

  • The users will need a USB cable and PC for the procedure.
  • Make sure to use the original USB cable for seamless connectivity.
  • Get the newest version of the Odin Flash tool over the PC.
  • Download the firmware to extract the AP file later on.
  • Ensure that the phone is refueled at 80% or more.

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader Configuration

It’s not possible to access the root attributes until you unlock the bootloader settings. To put it in simple words, the phone boots the image whenever the restart process takes place. Though, it limits users to access the system directory.

But, you can unlock the bootloader on any Samsung phone by just putting the device in the download mode and connecting the device to the PC. If you don’t know how to access those system settings, we suggest reading our to unlock bootloader on any Samsung phone guide.

Step 2: Get the Firmware File

Since we are using the magisk software to unlock the root access, the users will need firmware files of their phones. Hopefully, you will find lots of resources on the internet to download the correct firmware file according to the model number and region.

Besides this, you can also download the Firja tool to extract the firmware file. But the most convenient way to obtain the Stock ROM would be going to the SAM Mobile. You will find almost every Samsung firmware there. Here are the instructions to do so.

  • First of all, you have to launch the Settings app from the home screen.
  • Open the About phone section and write down the model number.
  • Now, visit the SAM Moblie firmware page from here.
  • Add the Samsung Galaxy A50 model number and select the region.
  • Finally, download the firmware based on the Android version.

Note: The readers can use other alternative resources to get the stock ROM according to their requirements.

Step 3: Extract and transfer the AP file

I’m assuming that you have already downloaded the firmware file from the previous step. Once you have done that, you have to extract the zip file and enter it into the new folder. Here, you will notice different files such as BL, CP, AP, and CSC.

You will only need the AP files from this folder. However, you have to convert this file format from .lz4 to .tar for the upcoming patching process. In order to convert the file format download and install 7zip. You can use other unzipper options as well.

  • After converting .lz4 to .tar file format.
  • Copy the AP files from the firmware folders.
  • Transfer the AP file to the phone’s internal storage.

Step 4: Create a Patched file using Magisk

Now, let’s head toward your phone and start by downloading the latest version of the magisk app. You can receive the official version from our Magisk post in the meantime.

  • Install the Magisk application on your smartphone.
  • Launch the APK file and select the “Install” button of Magisk.
  • Click on the “select patch file” option from the list.
  • Head toward the AP file location in the internal storage.
  • Select the file to begin the patching procedure.
  • A magisk_patched file will be created in the download folder.
  • Transfer the patched file to your computer to start the next part!

Step 5: Put the phone in download mode

In order to boot the device into the download mode, you have to connect the USB cable to your computer first. Now, follow the subsequent steps.

  • First of all, you have to switch off the device by pressing the Power button.
  • Press and Hold Volume Up + Down and connect the device to the USB cable.
  • With this combination, you will access the download mode settings.
  • Press Volume Up to properly enter the boot stage.

Step 6: Download and install Odin Flash Tool

The Odin flash tool is the most famous fishing tool for the Samsung phone. With this software, many users obtain root privileges. Therefore, we suggest you download the latest version on the computer.

On top of that, you can also flash different ROMs over the Samsung smartphone using this toolkit. Here’s the complete process to set up this tool.

  • Get the newest version of the Odin flash tool software.
  • After the download process ends, extract the zip file.
  • Select the Odin.exe setup and complete all of the instructions.
  • Finally, launch the Odin Tool software on the computer screen.

Step 7: Root Samsung Galaxy A50 via Odin Tool

If you have connected the Samsung device accurately, the Odin tool will detect the phone without any problem. In case you don’t see the phone on the software screen, relink the phone to the USB cable. Afterward, the flashing steps.

  • Inside the software screen, select the AP section.
  • Go to the magisk patched file location and select.
  • As for the CP, BL, and CSC sections, go to the firmware folder.
  • Add each of the files to the correct place according to their name.
  • Press the Options button and disable the “Auto Reboot” option.
  • Finally, click on the Start so that the flashing process begins.

Once the process ends, you can reboot the device and check root access by installing the magisk app. You can also rely on the Root Checker app to do the same work!

Last Thoughts:

I hope you have successfully root Samsung Galaxy A50 using the magisk app and Odin tool. Usually, many people don’t know or have information about the correct resources. However, the above guide covered everything if you have any doubts or queries do let us know in the comment section.

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