How to Root Samsung Galaxy A21s Using Magisk [Updated]

Do you want to root Samsung Galaxy A21s smartphone? You can do so by simply getting the magisk software for your phone and flashing this zip file in order to attain those fabulous rooting privileges.

But we all know that those processes are quite time-consuming and you have to track the progress of each action. However, if you are looking for a simple answer, then you should consider accessing those settings via Magisk.

Moreover, you don’t have to download lots of additional resources as compared to the good old days. We already tailored the entire step-by-step details for the upcoming section, which allows you to modify the system settings according to your desire.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A21s with Magisk?

Usually, the users need to change the system files to attain those robust power. Yet, if you know the correct tools and safe methods, you won’t face that many issues when you are rooting your device for the first time.

We will use the Magisk method, which won’t affect the system files, and all you need to do is follow this guide to unlock several fascinating things for your Galaxy A21s device. Now, let’s dive into a new journey to unlock the true strength of your phone.

Warning: Rooting any Samsung phone could lead to problems like KNOX trigger, some issues with performance, or bricked device. In all of the cases, there are risks involved if you are following this process. So make a clear mind before starting!

Pre-Requirements to Root Galaxy A21s

  • First of all, make sure to back up your phone data to avoid any loss.
  • The next thing that you need to focus on would be getting a computer.
  • Following this, you will require the original USB cable of your phone.
  • Now, download and install the latest Samsung USB driver on the PC.
  • Download the stock firmware file of the Galaxy A21s.

Step 1: Unlock the bootloader

You might be thinking why are we performing these steps? Well, it’s quite important instruction concerning the rooting process. Usually, you can’t perform system settings changes until you have attained bootloader access.

Unlocking those perks is simple and easier for users, especially for Samsung phones. It would be a great idea if you read our dedicated guide to unlocking the bootloader for Samsung devices. It would be quite helpful for you.

Once you have performed those steps, you can move to the next part to get the correct version of the firmware file for the Samsung Galaxy A21s.

Step 2: Download the firmware file

There is a wide range of ways from which the user can obtain those files, whether you choose the third-party website or tool to get the stock ROM for the rooting process. It’s also possible to pick apps like Firja Tools that will provide decent ROMs.

Yet, before you download those files, the first thing that you need to find would be your smartphone model number. It will be available in the Settings menu >> About Phone >> Software Information>> Model Number.

Write the number anywhere you want since you will need the model number for the upcoming instruction. On the same note, we will use the SAM Mobile website, while it’s not mandated to choose the same third-party site. With that said, let’s check out the process.

  • Go to SAM Mobile and select the firmware section.
  • Type the Model number that you have written not long ago.
  • Select the country and the site will show you the relevant firmware file.
  • Download anyone that fits according to your phone’s Android version.

Step 3: Extract the AP file

Before you start the extracting process, we would suggest the readers download and install the 7-zip unrar tool on their PC. Afterward, you can extract the firmware file using the unzipped tool.

  • Access the Stock ROM folder and right-click on the AP file.
  • I’m assuming that the 7-zip option appears in the drop-down list.
  • You have to go to 7-zip >> select the “Add to Archive” option.
  • Now, change the Archive format from .lz4 to .tar.
  • Finally, transfer this file to the Samsung Galaxy A21s.

Step 4: Flash AP file via Magisk

As we have said before, you have to download and install the Magisk App on your phone after unlocking the bootloader. Now, let’s see the process.

  • Launch the Magisk on your phone.
  • Click on the “Install” button present at the top section.
  • Here, tap on the “select patched file” option from the list.
  • Now, head toward the AP file internal storage location.
  • Select the file and wait till the procedure ends.
  • A patched file will be created in the download folder.
  • Transfer this magisk_patched file to your computer.

Step 5: Enable Download Mode

Make sure to enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking from the developer options. Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Information>> Tap on build number more than 7 times. Finally, open developer settings and enable OEM & USB debugging.

Once you have done that, here’s the process to put this device into the download settings for the upcoming process.

  • First of all, you have to press the Volume Down + Power key.
  • It will turn off your phone automatically within a few seconds.
  • Connect the Galaxy A21s to the PC while pressing Volume Up + Down.
  • Press Volume Up to connect the device to download mode.

Step 6: Run the Odin Tool

The next thing that we need to focus on would be getting the latest Samsung USB driver for your computer. If you have already downloaded that software before, that’s great. It will also be helpful when you connect your Samsung phone to the PC.

On the other hand, the users will be required to download and install the Odin Flash tool setup. Afterward, you are ready to follow the subsequent steps.

  • First of all, launch the Odin Tool on your computer.
  • Now, Add the magisk patched file in the AP section.
  • Moreover, add flies like CP, BL, and CSC from the stock ROM folder.
  • Next, go to the Options and disable the Auto-Reboot function.
  • Finally, press the Start button to begin the process.

That’s it! Now, you can erase your phone data using the recovery mode & enjoy those amazing privileges at your fingertips. Moreover, you can double-check the root access by installing the magisk software on your phone once again.

Note: If you know the Gmail credentials, you won’t face FRP lock and will easily unlock those remarkable rooting privileges. But if not, there’s a chance that your device might face a factory reset protection lock, which can be unlocked by SamFw FRP Tool.

Last Thoughts:

Through this post, you will grasp the complete process of rooting Samsung Galaxy A21s using the safest method. Moreover, it’s also possible to enhance the custom and security perks of your smartphone. Yet, if you come across any problem in this guide, do let us know in the following comment section.

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