How to Install TWRP and Root Redmi Note 8 Pro?

There are many ways to root redmi note 8 pro smartphone, but not every method will give the correct solution. Besides this, if you struggle to unlock those excellent perks, you should consider reading this post.

Usually, some people are constantly looking for a way to upgrade the system settings. However, you can leave the original firmware configuration, unless you are willing to take further risks. The best way to level up the smartphone interface would be to get the root privileges. It’s every tech user’s dream to unlock those attributes.

But, numerous people have failed before as they don’t give importance to the basics. Instead of relying on accurate but long methods, people use shortcuts that someday damage the device during the process. With that said, we recommend following the given instruction clearly. Now, let’s begin the journey to root your phone.

How to Install TWRP and Root Redmi Note 8 Pro?

Not too long ago, we covered the whole process of unlocking the bootloader on any Android phone. You can skip this part if you know the complete process for unlocking the bootloader. But if you newbie in this field, you need to every corner before start!

Step 1: Enable the Developer Menu

First of all, the process will start by accessing the developer mode.

  • Open the Settings App and click on the “About Phone” section.
  • Here, you have to press the “Build Number” option more than 9 times.
  • Now, navigate to the additional settings and Select “Developer Mode.”
  • Enable the “OEM Unlocking” and “USB debugging” toggle.
  • Turn Off the device and press the Volume down + Power button to boot into fastboot mode.

Note: We are assuming that you have already unlocked the bootloader of your phone. If not, we would recommend you proceed with that process first. Because if you don’t accomplish those instructions first, there’s a high chance that your device might suffer bootloop problems while flashing the TWRP file.

Step 2: Acciqure necessary resources

In order to flash custom recovery, the readers will require a computer to run fastboot commands. Moreover, you will need tools like ADB drivers, Platform tools, and a USB cable to link your PC to your phone. Once you have completed these pre-requirements, you can head toward the next step without any further ado.

Step 3: Get the correct version of TWRP

Generally, there are two ways to get the TWRP custom recovery, either get it from the official TWRP or use the unofficial version. Hopefully, the redmi note 8 pro recoveries are available on the official website. But, the users have to choose the correct one. We are providing three TWRP files according to the Android version, so check that out.

For example: If you are using MIUI Android 10 version smartphone, then download the TWRP for Android 10 on your computer.

Flashing the custom recovery process is the same for these three options. So don’t get confused and move to a more significant part.

Step 4: Put everything into the process

Warning: The following instruction can lead to problem like bootloop or even brick your phone if don’t perform properly. Therefore, follow the given steps at your risk.

We are assuming that you have already put your smartphone in the fastboot mode. Now, let’s head toward the second phase of the procedure.

  • Interlink the computer and device using to original USB cable.
  • Open the platform tools folder and copy paste the TWRP file.
  • Right-click and select “Open PowerShell window here”
  • Type the command “fastboot devices” and hit Enter to confirm active device.
  • Enter the second command “fastboot flash recovery” space, then drop the TWRP recovery file.
  • Finally, Press Enter to start the installation process.

You have to wait for a few minutes till the procedure ends, then the phone will show USB transmission complete, which means you have completed this section. Now, disconnect the device from the USB cable.

Step 5: Perform the buttons combination

You have completed more than 80% process. With that said, let’s finish the rest of the part. Once you have completed this process, you can move to root redmi note 8 pro method without any hassle.

Warning: Here, many people fail to follow up. If you don’t press keys combination, the bootloop problem could occur anytime. So, precisely follow the given steps.

  • Now, you have to hold and press the Volume Up + Power button.
  • Only release the Power button when the Redmi logo appears, but keep holding the Volume Up key throughout the process.
  • First, the phone will boot into the TWRP(LR logo will appear) and then conduct the usual reboot configuration. (keep holding the Volume Up key)
  • Release the Volume Up key only when the TWRP logo appears a second time.

Step 6: Mount the TWRP

  • Swipe right and enter your passcode or PIN to continue with TWRP.
  • Select Language to English and Press Ok for smooth usage.
  • Again, enter the passcode or PIN for content translation.
  • Wait till the home screen didn’t appear and click on Mount.
  • Select System and back to the main menu.
  • Now, simply reboot the device.

TWRP recovery will be mounted on the system, which will give a superpower for the users to access this recovery instead of the stock version.

Step 7: Root Redmi Note 8 Pro using Magisk

We recommend using the Magisk zip file to unlock the root access of this smartphone. But, you can choose any other method or source according to your desire. With that said, let’s head toward the process.

Now, let’s see the process to flash Magisk on redmi note 8 pro.

  • Long press the Power button to turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up + Power key for five seconds.
  • Click on Wipe → Advanced Wipe → Cache Data.
  • Come back to the TWRP home screen and press Install.
  • Navigate to Disable DM-Verity location.
  • Wait for the flashing process ends, then go back to TWRP home.
  • Select Install and browse the Magisk zip file.
  • Click on the Install button to start the process.
  • Finally, reboot the device to confirm root access.

Last Thoughts:

Once you have done that, the magisk zip will root redmi note 8 pro. With that, you can unlock additional system features, add new custom ROMs, try new MIUI skin, etc.

I hope you get detailed information regarding the TWRP installation and unlock those premium rooting privileges. Meanwhile, if you come across any doubt, let us know in the comment section.

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