How to Install TWRP and Root Redmi Note 11 Pro?

Root Redmi Note 11 Pro procedure can be challenging and confusing at the same time as many individuals make the same mistakes by flashing inappropriate ROMs, don’t install a custom recovery, or not unlocking the bootloader. It’s quite hard, but once you have read this post, everything will look simple.

Undoubtedly, you aren’t satisfied with the limitations of your phone, and looking for various ways to upgrade performance, change UI elements, and many more things. However, it’s not possible to get the full potential official firmware. You have to take risks and obtain root privileges to install custom ROMs easily.

But many techie users have tried and failed since rooting new redmi phones are tedious task compared to the older generation like the redmi note 8 pro. Still, we find the easiest way to root your phone, which is covered in the following post.

How to Root Redmi Note 11 Pro?

Warning: For your information, rooting can be tough and long process, which can lead to serious issues like bootloop or completely destroy the software end of your phone. Now, that you know about the downside, follow the guide at your own risk.

Many users don’t know the appropriate methods, which leads to extreme problems for their phones. But, if you follow the subsequent instruction, there’s a higher chance that you might not face trouble in the first place.

Requirements to Rooting

  • Download and install drivers and flashing tools from this post.
  • Make sure to take a complete backup of your media files.
  • Refuel the smartphone by more than 80% for convenient usage.
  • A PC and USB cable will help you to connect with the device.

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader Settings

Once you have enabled the developer settings, you can unlock the bootloader. It’s an important task that will assist readers when you flash the custom recovery over your phone. Without this, you might encounter bootloop problems. Complete this step first before you install any recovery.

We have covered a post that grants the superpower to unlock the bootloader for Android devices. It also applies to the redmi note 11 pro so check out our guide.

Note: It’s a pre-requirement that every reader needs to fulfill to achieve safe root access.

Step 2: Get the necessary resources

There’s a list of tools and software that you need to download and install on your PC. It includes the TWRP file, magisk zip, platform tools, etc. We would suggest getting those resources from official sources to avoid problems later on.

It’s possible to get the custom recovery from the official site, or you can download the unofficial version from the XDA developer forum if you don’t find the official one.

On the other hand, you have to download the platform tools setup and extract files on the PC so that you can operate the command prompt in a hassle-free manner in the upcoming part.

Step 3: Access developer mode

If you don’t know how to open the developer options, the following section will help.

  • First of all, you have to launch the Setting App.
  • Now, head toward the About Phone → Click on Build Number
  • Tap on the build number at least 10 times to access developer mode.
  • Go back to the settings menu, and select the developer option.
  • Enable OEM unlock and USB debugging features.

Step 4: Boot into Fastboot Mode

Note: Before you enter into the fastboot mode, we recommend you enable the OEM to unlock and do USB debugging once you have already unlocked the bootloader section. Inside the developer options, you need to confirm MI Unlock Status, which needs to be “this device is unlocked”.

Here are the simple steps to put the redmi note 11 pro in the fastboot mode.

  • Start with turning off the phone.
  • Now, press the Volume Down + Power key.
  • The device will access the fastboot mode.
  • Interlink the phone to the PC using the USB cable.

Step 5: Put everything in the progress

I’m assuming that you have already installed the platform tools on your computer, which will allow running the fastboot command properly. Following this, transfer the TWRP file to the same folder for later usage.

  • Inside the PC, navigate to the platform tools folder location and open it.
  • Here, you have to press Shift + Right-click to access the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Open PowerShell Window Here” to launch the command prompt.
  • Type the command “fastboot devices” to ensure the device’s connectivity.
  • Enter the command “fastboot flash recovery” into the command prompt, then drag and place the TWRP file.
  • Finally, press on Enter button to start the process.

Note: The same process can apply for other custom recoveries, except you have to replace the TWRP file with another recovery such as Orange Fox.

Step 6: Boot into TWRP recovery mode

Now, let’s know about the process to access the TWRP custom recovery over your redmi note 11 pro smartphone using the following steps.

  • Press and Hold the Volume Down and Power buttons to enter in recovery.
  • In a few seconds, the TWRP logo will appear, then release the buttons.
  • Select a preferred language, we are choosing “English”.
  • Now, click on the Mount section to enable the “System” option.

Note: Once the TWRP flashing process ends, you have to copy-paste the magisk zip to the phone’s internal storage.

Step 7: Root Redmi Note 11 Pro using Magisk

We have completed 90% process of unlocking the rooting privileges, so let’s not get distracted. In the following section, you will obtain the magisk zip rooting process using the TWPR custom recovery.

  • Boot into TWRP recovery mode using the Volume Down +Power button.
  • Press the “Install” button and navigate to the magisk zip location.
  • Select the magisk flashable file and swipe right to start flashing.
  • Return to the Homepage, and then click on Reboot.
  • Click on the System to simply restart the phone.

With this, the magisk will be installed on your phone. You can reconfirm root access by using third-party applications like root check or directly installing magisk. If you notice Installed inside the magisk app, you have done it.

Last Thoughts:

I hope you have finished the process to root redmi note 11 pro through this guide. You can effortlessly dive into the system settings and enjoy exciting perks on your phone. Moreover, if you have doubts, do let us know in the comment section.

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