How to Root Realme C2 Without Using a PC

Do you want the simplest method to root Realme C2? Then the best option would be flashing the magisk zip file to unlock those amazing rooting privileges over your device in a hassle free manner. In this post, you will obtain easy to understand of the process to unlock those attributes.

We all know that the Realme C2 is a pretty standard phone, and it doesn’t give that much room to push the performance level. However, once you have followed the given steps, you can do several things that might not be possible with a regular device.

How to Install TWRP and Root Realme C2?

The process to unlock the full potential of your device will lead through numerous tasks, including unlocking the bootloader, flashing custom recovery, installing the root files, and so on. Worry not, we have covered everything in the subsequent section. So with no further delay, let’s get started with the procedure.

Warning: The following process might cause issues like bootloop or device brick, and the Magiskguide is not responsible for any damage. Follow the procedure at your own risk.

Installation Guide

Here are some of the instructions that you can fulfill before you are getting familiar with the rooting process.

  • You will require a secondary phone, a USB cable, and a micro USB adaptor.
  • Make sure to take a backup of your multi-media data in one place.
  • Get the necessary Bugjaeger ADB tool to run the command prompt.
  • Enable Developer mode and charge the phone up to 90%.

Step 1: Unlock the bootloader

We always recommend users access the bootloader settings before rooting Android devices. It is quite helpful when you are flashing custom recovery like TWRP recovery. It’s a no-brainer that you have to unlock this system setting. Thus, finish this process before getting started. You can use our guide as well.

Note: Without that, you can’t install TWRP files over your phone properly.

Step 2: Download the TWRP custom recovery

The Realme C2 recoveries are feasible from the official website, so get them without any further ado. On the other hand, you can also use other recoveries like Orange Fox, Pitch Black, RedWolf, or Sky Hawak. But we would prefer using the TWRP recovery as it’s convenient to install on Android phones.

In contrast of that, there are many sources suggest using the official TWRP App to install the custom recovery directly from the app. But, the catch here is that you can only access those recoveries if you have root access. So, we recommend not installing TWRP files directly from the app. Even if you try, the app will crash automatically.

Note: You have to download the custom recovery img file on the secondary phone, as it will require running the fastboot command in the upcoming parts.

Step 3: Interlink your devices

I’m assuming that you have already enabled USB debugging. If not, go to Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number few times > Open the Developer Mode > enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking. With this, the Realme C2 is ready to connect to another phone.

  • First of all, turn off your phone using the Power button.
  • Now, press and hold the Power + Volume Up button combo.
  • With this, you will enter the phone’s fastboot mode.
  • Use a USB cable and micro USB OTG connector to link to another device.

Note: Before you start the process, make sure the secondary smartphone support an OTG connection. If not, we recommend you use a suitable device.

Step 4: Setup the ADB Tool

Here, the secondary phone will work as the computer and run the ADB commands via the advanced Bugjaeger tool. To do so the same, follow the given steps.

  • Open the Google Play store App, and search for Bugjaeger App.
  • Click on the “Install” button to start the installation process.
  • Access the Bugjaeger ADB command App from the app drawer.
  • Now, you have to press the flash sign present in the right corner.
  • Press the Blue color button to reach the command prompt screen.

Step 5: Run the fastboot commands

Now, you have entered into the most important part where you will follow the basic fastboot command to flash custom recovery on the Realme C2. So, let’s get started.

  • Inside the app, enter “fastboot devices” to see the device binary codes.
  • Type the second command “fastboot flash recovery” space and click on the file attachment button.
  • Navigate to the TWRP img file location and select the file.
  • Press the “Play” button to start the flashing process.
  • That’s it! You have successfully flashed a custom recovery.

Step 6: Get the Magisk zip file

From the above section, you have flashed the custom recovery. Now, reboot the device and start the process of getting the latest version of the magisk file for your phone.

Hopefully, you don’t need to go far since we got your back. Read our complete guide to set up the Magisk Zip for your Realme C2 smartphone. Moreover, you will find various versions that topjohnwu released so far. But, we suggest you download the latest zip file for convenient usage.

Once you have installed and set up the zip file in the main file directory, you can easily access the file in the TWRP recovery later on.

Step 7: Boot the Device into Recovery Mode

  • You have to turn off your device and boot into custom recovery.
  • Press and Hold the Volume Up + Power button till the boot logo appear.
  • Now, you can release the Power button, but keep pressing the Volume Up key.
  • Hold Volume ↑ until the TWRP mode doesn’t open on the screen.

Step 8: Root Realme C2 using Magisk

  • Click on the Install button and reach out to the Magisk zip location.
  • Select the flashable zip file, then click on “Swipe to confirm flash”
  • Afterward, the flashing process will be started on the screen.
  • Once that happened, reboot the device to enjoy root access.

Last Thoughts:

Congrats, you have completed the 8 step simple guide to root Realme C2. Now, unlock advanced settings to change system settings, modify appearance with custom ROMs, and various other things to explore. Moreover, if you have some questions, drop them down in the comment section.

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