How to Root Nothing Phone 1 Without TWRP

Are you looking for the easiest way to root nothing phone 1? You can follow our guide to complete information regarding how to obtain those amazing rooting privileges over your smartphone.

There’s no denying that the Nothing phones deliver splendid value as flagship killer device. But at the same time, you will find it inconvenient to modify the UI as your wish since there are lots of limitations on the system. However, everything would become simple with the following guide!

How to Root Nothing Phone 1 Using Magisk?

Usually, when you are flashing magisk, a dedicated third-party custom recovery such as TWRP is required in the process. However, the process, we are covering in the next part, doesn’t need that software. Instead of that, we will use a stable method so that you don’t find any incontinence.

Warning: Like other brands of smartphones, you will lose warranty privileges here as well. It’s a tricky and risky process since it might lead to big issues like bootloop or brick the device. Therefore, we recommend you follow instructions at your risk.

Requirements to Rooting

But before you get started with the process, we would recommend you complete the subsequent steps to avoid any problems while following the root guide.

  • First, you must charge the Nothing Phone 1 up to 90%.
  • A computer or laptop and USB cable will be required for the process.
  • Download and install the necessary ADB drivers and Platform tool.
  • Get the appropriate version of the Magisk application for your phone.
  • Extract the original firmware based on the software version.
  • Take a backup of your media data before starting the process.

Step 1: Access the Bootloader configuration

The first thing to unlock the rooting privileges is getting bootloader access. Though, every smartphone comes with a different method to obtain those system settings. However, it’s a completely different story for the Nothing phone since it’s the first device that smartphone makers have unveiled.

As we all know that Carl (CEO of Nothing) founded OnePlus with his co-founder, so there are several similarities can be seen in hardware and software. To put it in simple words, you can follow up the same process to unlock the bootloader for OnePlus phones can be applied to Nothing phones.

Step 2: Setup the Device

In the upcoming procedure, you have to interlink the device using the original USB cable, which will work as a link bridge between both devices. Therefore, allow the developer settings without any further ado.

Go the Settings >> About Phone >> Tap on Build Number (7-times) >> Go back to the settings menu >> System >> Developer options >> Enable USB debugging toggle.

Note: If you have properly unlocked the bootloader settings, the OEM unlock is already enabled. If you have to manually select OEM, then there’s a high chance bootloader is locked. In that case, you have to perform Step 1, again.

Step 3: Get the boot image file

Like the Samsung phones, you will require nothing phone one stock image files so that it becomes easier to create a magisk patched flashable zip file for the upcoming part.

First of all, we would suggest you check out the software model from the About Phone section. Once you have got a clear idea, go to the XDA forum to receive firmware file.

  • For devices running on Android 12, you can check this boot image.
  • If you are device is on the Android 13 update use this boot image.

Pro tip: It’s recommended to download the img. file on your phone.

In the above section, you will directly get the Nothing Phone 1 boot image file that will reduce your time to extract the full stock ROM on the computer. Regardless, you can download the full ROM for your convenience and extract the boot img manually.

Step 4: Create a Patched Magisk file

Magisk app is one the most renowned and easy-to-use software that provides rooting perks free of cost. Some phone requires a magisk zip and others will need apk file. I’m assuming that already transfer the boot image file to your phone.

Now, follow the given instructions to patch the boot image file using magisk.

  • Download the latest version of magisk zip.
  • Launch the app once the installation process ends.
  • Click on SafetyNet to check everything is fine.
  • Now, press the “Install” button present on the Magisk
  • Next, you have to click on the “select patch file” option.
  • Naviagte to the boot img. file location and select it.
  • A flashing process will start in a few moments.
  • Once that happened, a magisk patched file will be created.

The patched magisk file will most likely be present in the download section of the file manager. Now, transport this zip file to the PC so that we can move to the next step.

Step 5: Interlink the devices

Here, you will get to know how to boot your smartphone in the fastboot mode so the linking devices can be simple for the first-time reader. With that said, let’s start!

  • Start with turning off the Nothing phone 1 by pressing the power button.
  • Press the Volume Down + Power button combination for a few seconds.
  • Eventually, the phone will be booted in the fastboot mode.
  • Link the device using a USB cable and the other end to your computer.

Step 6: Download and install Toolkit

You have completed around 70% guide. But the upcoming part is quite important so download the necessary ADB drivers and install the Platform tool on your computer. Both of them are essential aspects when you are rooting for any Android device.

The SDK Android Platform tools are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can download them according to your preference.

  • After downloading the tool, extract the file to run the setup.
  • When the Setup process ends, enter it into the Platform tool’s folder.
  • Press Shift + Right Click and select “Open Powershell Window Here”
  • A command prompt will be opened on the computer screen.

Step 7: Run Flashing commands

Now, we have to enter the commands to unlock the root access over the nothing phone. Here are the instructions that you need to follow up on! I’m assuming that you already access the command prompt from the previous step.

Note: Make sure that your device is in the fastboot mode and connects to the PC.

  • Use the command “fastboot devices” to verify the phone is connected correctly.
  • Add the second command “fastboot flash boot” space and drag and drop the magisk patched image file in the prompt box.
  • Press Enter to start the flashing process of the patched file.
  • Finally, type the command “fastboot reboot” to restart the phone.

Step 8: Check Root Access

You can launch the Magisk app and confirm the root access if the app is showing “Installed” in the Magisk section. It assures that you have received those unique privileges. Moreover, you can download root checker app to do the same work.

Last Thoughts:

With the root Nothing phone 1 guide, you will receive system functions that allow you to install custom ROMs and modify the app interface without hassle. Aside from this, if you want a dedicated post regarding unlocking the bootloader for Nothing phones, do let us know. Meanwhile, check out our other post for more rooting information.

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