How to Root Moto G8 Play Without PC [Working]

Do you also want to experience advanced system privileges? Then, root Moto G8 Play would be a decent choice as you will obtain those amazing perks in just a few clicks. Usually, people are not aware of the correct method to access root settings.

However, in this following post, you will obtain the essential information to get started with those robust features. We have covered a step-by-step guide, so without further delay, let’s dive into the instructions.

How to Root Moto G8 Play Without PC?

The Moto G8 Play phone is undoubtedly a low-end phone, which might not be able to support your daily activities. In that case, rooting the smartphone would be a brilliant choice. Yet, you have to follow completely different steps from the traditional method.

If you want to access those systems without computer or laptop support, the readers will need additional ADB command software, a secondary phone, a USB connector, USB cable bundle. Here is the primary prerequisite to get started!

Warning: The subsequent process will violate the warranty and erase the internal storage data, while at the same time, sluggish UI performance, system crash, and bootloop issues can also appear. So follow the guide at your own will.

Requirements to Rooting!

  • You will need a secondary phone, apart from the Moto G8 Play.
  • The original cable with a USB Type-C connector links both devices.
  • Ensure that you have taken a backup of the phone’s internal space.
  • Get the preferred TWRP custom recovery according to your needs.
  • Download and install the necessary Bugjeager application.
  • Make sure both phones have 80% or above battery life.

Step 1: Unlock the bootloader configuration

The initial step to obtaining those remarkable rooting perks will include the process to unlock bootloader. Without enabling those system settings, the probability of facing bootloop and brick problems will increase gradually.

It’s important to note that many people don’t follow this instruction and directly dive into flashing custom recovery, which will eventually disturb the smartphone firmware. To avoid this issue, we recommend you complete the bootloader unlock guide for Motorola devices.

Step 2: Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging

Now, you have to enable the developer options since you want to put the device into the fastboot mode for the upcoming process. If you have linked both devices directly without enabling those settings, the phone will not connect properly. As a result, you won’t able to run commands.

In the following part, you will receive steps to access the developer options.

  • First, launch the Setting App and go to About Phone.
  • Here, you have to click on the Build Number more than 8 times.
  • Now, come back to the settings menu, and enter developer mode.
  • Allow OEM Unlocking and USB debugging toggle from the list.

Step 3: Download TWRP custom recovery

We have to remove the stock recovery and add a custom-made one so that we can flash the root file over your phone. In order to gain those powers, you have to select the TWRP version based on your phone, you can check details on the official TWRP site.

If you don’t find the TWRP flashable zip file there, the users can also check the XDA developer forum to receive an unofficial custom recovery. It will work identically to the official option and grant various flashing features without any hassle.

Aside from this, you are not restricted to utilizing other custom recoveries since all of them work in the same manner and provide flashing perks. Yet, the installation steps for TWRP on any Android phone are pretty much similar.

Note: You have to download the TWRP custom recovery files on the secondary phone.

Step 4: Setup the Bugjaeger App

Now, the users need to download the ADB command Bugjaeger app from the Play Store. Click on the install button and wait till the installation process ends. After this, you have to launch the application.

  • Inside the app, swipe right to reach the flash sign.
  • Now, connect the Moto G8 Play using a cable and USB connector.
  • Turn off the Motorola phone and press the Volume Up + Power key.
  • Now, navigate to the fastboot mode using the volume buttons and enter the fastboot using the Power key. With this, the phone is ready for commands.
  • Select the blue color button to access the command prompt.

Step 5: Use Command lines

Here is the instruction that will grant custom recovery access over your Motorola device. I’m assuming that you have completed all of the steps from the previous sections. Now, let’s check out the fastboot commands.

  • Type “fastboot devices” to verify Motorola device presence.
  • Tap on the Play button to confirm the device connectivity.
  • Write the “fastboot flash recovery” space and press the file add button. Go to the TWRP file location and select the flashable file easily.
  • Finally, press the Play button to start the flashing process.

After you can boot your device into the recovery mode using the Volume Up + Power key combination. Launch the TWRP and go to the Mount section. Select the “System” option from the list to access custom recovery whenever you want.

Step 6: Root Moto G8 Play using Magisk

In this step, you will need the latest version of the magisk zip file for your phone. The users need to download the flashable zip file in the internal storage. Get the newest version and start the rooting process without any further ado.

  • First of all, you have to boot your device into the TWRP recovery.
  • Turn off the device and press the Volume Up + Power key to access recovery.
  • Inside the custom recovery, select the Install button.
  • Navigate to the magisk zip file location and select the file.
  • Swipe right to start the flashing process and wait till it ends.

Afterward, you can simply reboot your phone and you will notice that the magisk application is already installed on the Motorola G8 Play. Besides this, you can confirm the root privileges through the Root Checker application in the meantime.

Last Thoughts:

I hope that you have finished the complete guide to root Moto G8 Play. With this, the users can unleash various system settings that were usually locked by the device makers. Meanwhile, share your thoughts regarding this root guide in the comment.

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