How to Root Moto G Play Without PC [Working]

Are you looking for the easiest way to root moto g play that doesn’t even need a PC? For your information, it’s possible to achieve rooting privileges on this phone without needing a computer or a laptop.

You’ve to replace the computer or laptop with another device so that you can run the command prompt smoothly. Motorola phones will require a custom recovery to flash root directory files while the unlocking bootloader is also an important part.

In the subsequent part, you will receive complete instruction that will allow you to root moto g play without much hassle. Even if you are rooting for the first time, the process will thoroughly guide you to the necessary instruction.

How to root Moto G Play using magisk?

There’s no denying that the g play phone has low processing power, and it doesn’t work pretty well with advanced activities like gaming and multitasking. But those restrictions can be overcome with this guide. So, let’s know the basic requirements to start the long journey of rooting your phone.

Warning: The following process will violate warranty privileges, erase data, and cause a slowdown on the normal scale. But in the worst case, phones might even become brick or face bootloop issues. Therefore, follow the next part at your risk.


  • The users will need a secondary phone to run fastboot commands.
  • Download and install the Bugjaeger app on the second phone.
  • A USB cable and USB connector are required to interlink both devices.
  • Both of the phones need to fuel 80% before starting the process.
  • Ensure to take the phone’s multi-media backup to avoid data loss.

Once you have finished those primary prerequisites, you can head toward the guide.

Step 1: Unlock the bootloader setup

There are limitless possibilities when you have root access to your phone. But at the same time, a lot of people struggle to reach those goals since they don’t unlock the bootloader configuration. It’s a necessary part where everything to focused.

The bootloader is locked by default to avoid any changes in the system settings. At the same time, it’s an important factor that everyone needs to know. Modifying the stock recovery to a custom version won’t be possible unless you unlock the bootloader.

We have covered a dedicated guide that will allow you to unlock those settings with no trouble. Change those system settings first to avoid problems. If you don’t follow this step, the phone might face bootloop while flashing recovery.

Step 2: Enable OEM unlock and USB debugging

The next process would be getting control of the developer mode settings. In order to root this device, you have to enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging. If you don’t know how to do so, follow the subsequent procedure.

  • First of all, you have to enter the Settings App and select About Phone.
  • Now, press on Build Number (8~9 times) and type the passcode.
  • Come back to the Settings Menu, and open Additional Settings.
  • Here, you will find the Developer Mode by scrolling down.
  • Finally, enable both OEM unlocking and USB debugging options.

Step 3: Download the fastboot app and TWRP recovery file

Let’s start with getting the custom recovery for your phone. Most often, the users will find the TWRP file from the official website, while many people also prefer using the XDA developer forum’s unofficial version for stable usage.

Note: You have to download the TWRP files on the secondary phone.

Next, you have to download and install Bugjaeger app so operating the ADB fastboot commands on another phone becomes feasible. The app is present on the Google Play store so you don’t have any problem installing it.

  • Go to the Playstore application.
  • Type the Bugjager Mobile ADB – USB OTG in the search bar.
  • Click on the first application’s install button.
  • Now, launch the app to access the command prompt.

Step 4: Enter Moto G Play fastboot mode

  • First of all, you have to press the Power key to turn off the phone.
  • Now, press and hold the Volume Down + Power button.
  • Release all of the buttons when the fastboot mode arrives.
  • Navigate using the Volume buttons inside the recovery.
  • Finally, select the “enter fastboot” mode.

Through this instruction, you have reached one step closer to flashing custom recovery over your phone. So without any further ado, let’s move to the next section.

Step 5: Connect devices and Run commands

Connect the moto g play to the official USB cableUSB Type C connector → link to another phone. You have to follow the same order so that you can easily interlink both devices without any problem.

  • Launched the Bugjaeger app on your secondary phone.
  • Scroll right to access the flash section, and click on the Blue button.
  • Here, enter the “fastboot devices” command to show up the device.
  • Next, type the command “fastboot flash recovery” space, and click on the “Add file” button. (present on the top right corner of the app)
  • Head toward the TWRP file location and select the file.
  • Finally, click on the Play button to start the flashing process.

Once that happens, you can reboot your moto g play phone into recovery mode.

Step 6: Access the TWRP recovery mode

To boot into the TWRP recovery, you have to press and hold Volume Down + Power key, which will lead to the way to recovery mode. Keep pressing the key combination until the custom recovery logo doesn’t show up.

  • Now, you can select a preferred language, such as “English”.
  • Enter your phone password or PIN if you have any.
  • Go to the Mount Section and select the System option.
  • Finally, you can simply reboot the Moto g play.

With this, the setup of the custom recovery over your phone will end. If you don’t mount the system, the phone will boot into the stock recovery automatically.

Step 7: Root Moto G Play through Magisk Zip

Note: We suggest you download the latest magisk zip file to the internal storage. You can also receive the official version from this post, then turn off the device.

  • Start with booting into TWRP by pressing the Power + Volume ↓ button.
  • Go to the Install section and head toward the magisk zip file folder.
  • Select the zip file and start flashing by swiping right.
  • Once the process is complete, restart the phone.

Last Thoughts:

Not everyone knows how to navigate through the entire process to root moto g play. But with the help of the above guide, you can unleash the full power of your phone. Aside from this, tell us about your experience with this 7-step guide.

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